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All Natural Laxative Formula

New Colon Max private label Healthy Cleanse is a gentle but highly predictable all natural Laxative Formula that contains hydrating Magnesium hydroxide and soothing herbs that help to predictably relieve constipation and bloat. It works to strengthen and tone the colon muscles, and soothes inflammation while lubricating the lining of the bowel. This product supports the BestChoiceChanges Advance Max program with spectacular results. As with any rapid weight loss regime, toxins stored in fat are released and can lead to a patient feeling poorly despite the success of their Advance Max Diet and Protocol. Proper internal cleansing helps the body eliminate these toxins naturally, helps eliminate fluid retention and helps restore a proper balance in the digestive tract for on-going good metabolic health. Healthy Cleanse is available in 60 and 100 count bottles.

*Please note that BestChoiceChanges ADVANCE MAX weight loss programs are not available for online purchase and require a consulation with a BestChoiceChanges Advising Nurse. Please Contact Us for more information.